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Our Story

Red River Grain started at a dream in 1979.  Jerry Lollis, our founder, saw the potential to sell sacked grains to wholesalers and the general public.  Like most stories, it wasn't just an easy start for the Lollis Family.  There was plenty of sacrifice and hard days between trying to get a new business off the ground and maintaining their obligations.  But with prayer, hard work and the help of family, Red River Grain began to flourish.  

Within a few years, it became more than sacked grain by incorporating the pellet mill and moving locations to where the mill stands today.   The original location is no longer operational but still stands as a reminder of just how far the business has come and just how fortunate we are to be able to serve the public by fulfilling a need. 

Red River Grain still remains family owned and operated.

pictured: Jerry Lollis and son, Craig Lollis

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